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We are an exceedingly efficient, supreme quality, travel management company.

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what we do

Taking care of your business travels, any time, anywhere.

Malta – Libya Charter Flights

From time to time, Medavia operates charter flights between Malta and Libya. Find out the lates updates, schedules and how to book.

Scheduled Flights to Libya

Apart from charter flights from Malta to Libya, we can also help you to book flights to other countries, mainly Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

Security Ground Transport

When travelling in dangerous or challenging territories, such as Libya, ground transportation requires more caution and security.

Locate & Assist Travellers

This service is meant for companies having employees in potentially dangerous areas, such as areas of natural disasters and war zones. It allows tracking, communicating and assisting travellers in times of distress.

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why Planit

Why choose Planit as your corporate travel partner?

We understand that travelling can be stressful, so we work hard to provide you with a smoother journey. Our team is with you every step of the way, serving as a safety net if something goes wrong at any point.


  • Save time with a simple, easy-to-use booking tool where traveler data is synchronised across every device.
  • Reduce costs with access to exclusive rates and a personalised experience that’s optimised for your travelers.
  • Personalised Service with a dedicated agent who deals specifically with your requests.
  • 7-days support: Our team is available to assist you everyday, including weekends and public holidays.






car rentals



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our offering

Software designed for travel managers 

Easily Manage Traveller's Data

Traveller's profiles contain pertinent data required for smooth journeys.

See where your travellers are

Using the map, you can see where your travellers are at any point in time, making it easy to locate them in times of emergency.

All future trips in one portal

View all the upcoming trips of your team at a glance.

Check visa and covid restrictions

Using the in-built tool, easily check the  current restrictions regarding visas, PCR testings and quarantines.

Advanced travel solutions for leading companies

Simplifying your travel management with the latest technology and professional travel consultants