Our accommodation network gives you access to discounted rates for over 300,000 properties worldwide. From budget 2-star to top luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts to theme parks, business hotels as well as self-catering apartments, we can provide accommodation tailored specifically to your needs.

For individual travellers, our hotel booking services and advice are available via email. Contact us for information and quotations when planning your next business or leisure trip, and we would be able to offer a number of options that suit your requirements, meet your budgets and exceed expectations.

For Travel Agents, our online Booking Engine allows you to browse the different properties, check current availability and pricing, and book directly with instant online confirmation. Our travel staff are always available to follow up on bookings and offer help in case you need support.

Accommodation - PlanitTravel

If you would like more information and to book, please contact us on [email protected]