Airport Lounges

Airport lounge

With airport lounges, transit times are not a waste of time anymore! Relax in a comfortable setting, or work in an isolated space, away from the noise and hustle of airports. All this time you can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks, wi-fi, TV, showers and all other amenities that airport lounges offer.

You can use a lounge to start your journey in style, or to refresh after a long flight, either way it’s an ideal way to make the most of your time at the airport.

Types of airport lounges

There are various types of airport lounges: airline lounges and private pay-per-use lounges.

Airlines operate airline lounges as a service to premium passengers, usually passengers flying first class and business class, with high level frequent flyer status, and premium travel credit card memberships. Usually passengers who have lounge memberships in an airline part of a major airline alliances ( like OneworldSkyTeam, or Star Alliance) may have access to the lounges of the other members of that alliance. Some airlines also offer first class lounges that are even more exclusive, for first class and top-tier passengers.

Private companies also operate generic pay-per-use lounges. In contrast to airline lounges, these facilities are open to any traveller, regardless of class of ticket or airline, subject to payment of a fee. Most lounges offer day passes, while some also offer yearly and lifetime memberships.

Access to airport lounges

Access to airport lounges may be obtained in several ways. Certain high-end credit cards associated with an airline or lounge network, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Delta Reserve, and United MileagePlus Club credit cards, include membership to Priority Pass and associated lounge access for as long as one owns the card.

Lounge access can also be attained with an airline status card, which is common in Europe. The top frequent-flyer levels often offer access to any of an airline’s lounges or partner airlines’ lounges, when traveling in any class of travel on any of the partner airlines (usually it is required for the cardholder to be booked on one of the carrier’s flights within the next 24 hours).

Premium credit and charge cards such as Diners Club International, and the American Express Platinum and banks like HSBC, offer lounge access for premium clients as well.


Besides offering more comfortable seating, lounges usually provide complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and light snacks such as fruit, cheese, soup, pastries and breakfast items. 

Other amenities typically include flight information monitors, televisions, newspapers, and magazines, plus business centers with desks, internet workstations, telephones, photocopiers and fax services. Complimentary wireless Internet access for patrons is also common.

Some lounges (especially those for first class passengers) can be quite luxurious, offering an extensive premium open bar, full hot and cold buffet meals, cigar rooms, spa and massage services, fitness centers, private cabanas, nap suites and showers.

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, a lounge is always a good idea. At Planit, we have accesss to wide network of airport lounges in around the world that can be pre-paid before your travels.

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