The travel agent is here to stay

There is no doubt that the recent restrictions placed on travel and tourism have damaged the travel industry considerably, with airlines and many tour operators permanently closing. For those that are still fighting for survival, the future is brighter than we might think. Something the current situation has highlighted is the need for professional assistance. Knowledge and contacts are essential when planning and making reservations, and even more so when things go wrong. This is not a new concept. Whenever there have been natural disasters or human conflict, it has been the professional travel agents that are turned to when people need to move around. And now, more than ever, knowledge, experience, contacts and up to date information are invaluable.

travel agent is here to stay

Trying to deal with an online agency with a robot chat box is not helpful or reassuring when a flight has been cancelled or changed, or traveller needs to make amendments for whatever reason, but speaking to a human being that understands what is going on and knows how to help is. 

When things are going well in the world, we are here to realise travel dreams. To advise with our knowledge of airlines, hotels, destinations and local information. We can make travel special in a way that an automated system cannot. When things go wrong we can come to the rescue. We are still here to and make sure travel is as smooth and enjoyable as possible even when circumstances seem impossible.