Travel Safely

How to travel safely

We all know that a travelling experience can be easily ruined if something bad happens. When in a foreign land, it’s harder to deal with unpleasant experiences. It is important to take little steps to ensure safety at all time. Have a look at some of our top tips on how to travel safely.

  1. Book smart: Make sure that you have enough time between transit flights. Use reliable travel agents to avoid online scams. Check if you require any visas and/or vaccinations.
  2. Do your homework: Research the locality, learn a few phrasis in the local language and familiarise yourself with the local culture.
  3. Get insurance: In case things go bad, you’ll have someone to turn to.
  4. Pack Smart: Take the bare necesseties, avoid taking valuable items, split cash in different wallets, put the most necesary items in hand luggage.
  5. Get to the airport early: Allow plenty of time to check-in and go through security to avoid missing the flight or losing anything in a rush.
  6. Keep your phone charged: You will need to access your tickets and bookings. Also stay up to date with flight updates with apps like Checkmytrip
  7. Drive Safe: Wear a seatbelt, avoid travelling at night, keep to the speed limits and do not drive if you’re tired or under the influence of alcohol.
  8. Behave safe: respect local customs and traditions, pay attention to your belongings, stay alert especially at nighttime.