From time to time, you might need to travel to highly dangerous territories going through political turmoil or under threat of terrorism. This is where OBS Shield comes in; a Crisis Response package that provides support for people en route to areas of high risk. OBS Shield offers assistance in the instance of being involved in violent crimes, wrongful detention, mysterious disappearance, kidnapping, blackmail, extortion, political threats, hijacking and acts of terrorism.

Through OBS Shield, you will have access to:

  • Response specialists to consult on severe incidents
  • Report emergencies and get advice 24/7
  • Organisation of security resources
  • Communicate with third parties when required
  • Overseeing and telephone guidance during a crisis
  • Crisis Consultant Services given up to 30 days (10 days in case of terrorism)

OBS Shield covers these services up to USD250,000, while the Consultant Service Provider organizes the reimbursement for any extra approved expenses.

The Consultant Service Provider (or a Protected Person executing their explicit instructions) incurring further costs will be reimbursed up to USD15,000. This could include:

  • Fees incurred to temporarily retaining security guards for the sole purpose of protecting Protected Person(s) located in the crisis territory
  • Costs relating to emergency political evacuation
  • Legal expenses
  • Independent interpreter’s fees and expenses
  • Travel and accommodation relocation costs
  • Costs covering emergency medical care for the twelve months following the specific crisis
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