Locate & Assist Travellers

This service is meant for companies having employees in potentially dangerous areas, such as areas of natural disasters and war zones. It allows tracking, communicating and assisting travellers in times of distress.

Locate & assist travellers

Using a powerful technology that allows access from any corner of the world, the Locate & Assist Travellers Mobile Messaging Service uses GPS locators that allow the visualisation of travellers on a map and monitoring them as they move from one place to another, in real time. 

Locate & Assist Travellers works through a central admin panel and an app installed on the traveller’s phone. In case of any problems, communicating with your team is fast and simple, using push notification, SMS or email. The service also delivers risk assessment updates related to the traveller’s location, giving you the possibility to make informed decisions with regards to the safety and security of your staff.

The app also allows work to be managed easily, by assigning specific tasks to certain individuals and transferring tasks in case someone is delayed in another location. Optional flights modules are available to track and manage any flight changes quickly and easily.

For further information about this service, please contact our team by sending an email to info@planit247.eu