Track your travellers and enjoy peace of mind with our Locate & Assist Mobile Messaging Service.

This service was created for the needs of companies with employees travelling to potentially dangerous countries or territories.

The service helps you quickly find, communicate with and assist your travellers through any difficult situations, creating a sense of safety for travel managers, travellers and their loved ones during sensitive trips.

The system works through a simple mobile application installed on travellers’ phones alongside a centralised admin panel. The technology is not in any way dependent on time zones and works 24/7 whichever corner of the world travellers are in. Thanks to GPS locators visible on a map and updated in real time, you can track travellers as they move from place to place.

This is essential information to have available in case of trouble such as bad weather, strikes or natural disasters. You can then easily communicate with individual or groups of affected travellers through the app’s messenger service using push notification, SMS and e-mail. Work itineraries can be managed through the app, sending specific tasks to individual travellers and transferring tasks to others if a traveler gets delayed in one location.

The service also delivers international risk assessment news relevant to each traveller’s location, giving you all the information needed to make the best decisions for the safety of your staff.

Optional flight modules are also available to quickly and easily track and manage any flight changes.

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