Planit Corporate Cabs

Arrive on time, arrive in style

Driving in a car

Planit Corporate Cabs is the youngest department in Planit’s family. Launched in 2018, Planit Cabs boasts a fleet of vehicles, including two vans and five luxury cars, with which we are now able to offer a cab service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our fleet is accompanied by a team of young, smart and polite drivers, who are fully trained and GPS-savvy. Our technological systems allow the drivers to choose routes that are devoid of traffic and therefore, we can get you to your destination quicker. Furthermore, each trip is monitored from the head office, to provide complete reassurance to our passengers.

Whether you’re travelling to the airport, back after a long flight, or getting around Malta for a work meeting, you can simply pre-book your transfer on [email protected]


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