Ryanair selling connecting flights!

Ryanair selling connecting flights!

For the first time ever, Ryanair have started selling connecting flights within its network, ending their legacy of being a simple point-to-point carrier. The first connecting flights are already on sale and are currently possible through Rome Fiumicino airport, but other airports will soon become connecting hubs. Exciting, no? And more good news is on the way – From September onwards, Ryanair also prepares to offer long-haul low cost tickets!

What is the big deal? 

The major advantage of getting a connecting flight is that if you miss a flight and it’s the airline’s fault (like a delayed flight or mechanical failure), the airline should re-book you on the next available flight, and if this flight is on the following day, the airline should either book you on another airline or provide accommodation and meals.

Examples of connecting flights:

Malta – Barcelona

Palermo – Alicante

Catania – Bari

Barcelona to Bari or Palermo

Stay tuned, more destinations will be added to the list!

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